Sunny Sussex Weekend '19Rewell Quarry and Goblestubb's CopseSat 18 May, 2019



Near: Arundel
Level of event: Regional
Type of event: Race



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Planner's comments from Kenny Leitch:

Thanks to everyone who shared feedback after their run. Your comments were universally positive, with everyone I spoke to enjoying (or at the very least appreciating!) the challenge. Much of that thanks must go to Mike Gammon for his fabulous new map of the quarry - it was a pleasure to plan on it.

I was surprised at the number of mistakes that were made in the early part of the courses. My guess is that the 1:5,000 scale caught people out. I certainly saw a fair bit of over-shooting during the time I spent at the start. Maybe a reminder of the scale on the start line may have helped?

All courses from Short Green upwards had route choice legs, east to west, from one side of the dark green to the other. I thought that going north was generally slightly faster than south....but maybe you thought differently. What I hadn’t thought was that the fastest leg time would come from going straight through the dark green! Purely an option for the young gazelles I think.

I spent an enjoyable half hour cycling around the quarry, watching runners cross-crossing and seeing a fair amount of static map reading. Very entertaining! It was tricky in there.

A few people appear to have got caught in some thick mud. If that was you, I apologise. I had avoided the mud during planning and hadn’t appreciated its depth.

Finally a few other thank yous - Jan for her no nonsense organising, Neil for his light touch and efficient pre-event controlling, Chris for on-the-day control checking and production of the combined forest and quarry map, Ralph/Les/Joe for SI, Anna for being uber-organiser for the weekend, and Ralph, the owner of the Assembly field, for being so welcoming and making it possible for us to have the finish in the Assembly field.

Organiser's comments from Jan Ireland:

I do hope you all enjoyed the Rewell and Goblestubbs Copse event. It was great to have such an excellent parking, assembly, and run in area making it a perfect place for everyone to gather together before and after they ran. To top it all the weather was warm and dry. Perfect. Firstly my thanks go to Anna Chapman who coordinated the weekend, bringing the three organisers together in meetings prior to the weekend to ensure things ran smoothly throughout, in particular the movement of kit from one event to the next. Thanks to Kenny for planning, Neil C and Chris H for controlling and to Mike Gammon for being the font of knowledge on so many things, and of course the printing of the maps and loose controls. Finally, thanks to all my lovely helpers without whom the event simply would not take place.

Save the date for next year's Sunny Sussex around Eastbourne on 16th and 17th May 2020.


Is a web app for sharing and comparing orienteering routes. You can draw your own route or upload a GPS track from your watch. It also allows you to watch an animated replay with a simulated mass start.

Pre event info

World Orienteering Day Event. Exciting middle distance event in an offroad 4x4 area, featuring lots of ditches, bushes and rides on a great new 1:5000 map. Entry on the day subject to availability of maps. Newcomers, families and children welcome and should look at entering white, yellow, orange or 60 minute score. Start list for pre entries - all open starts between 12 and 1:30pm. FINAL DETAILS

Sunny Sussex Weekend 2019 Series Info

A weekend of orienteering in the South Downs National Park, centred around the historic town of Arundel. Take part in a high energy middle distance race at Rewell SW and Quarry. Head over to Arundel for the evening urban race and finish the weekend off with a long distance national event at the newly mapped West Angmering. Pre-enter all three events and receive a £3 discount per adult. The weekend coordinator is Anna Chapman.

Location Info

Nearest town: Arundel

* Postcodes are not very precise in some areas, so don't rely on them for an exact location.

Directions / Parking

Car parking is in a field at SU983073, nearest postcode BN18 0AJ. Parking fee £1. The turning into the car park is only a short distance from the A27 so queue and turn in with care.

The event will be signed from the eastbound carriageway of the A27 after the A29 joins from the North at Slindon roundabout. The entrance to the event is 1.7 miles heading east from the roundabout and is not obvious so please proceed carefully and look for all signs.

Heading from the North on the A29, turn left onto the eastbound carriageway of the A27. Heading from the East proceed to the Slindon roundabout where the A29 joins from the north, and return on the Eastbound carriageway for 1.7 miles (see above). Heading from the West follow direction as for from the North at the Slindon (A29) roundabout.

It is requested that competitors do not exit from the car park until after 1pm to prevent congestion on the access road. Exit is only one-way east on the busy, fast moving A27 so please exit with care.

Please be courteous to local residents.

Course Information

Competitors can run any course they want to but please note:

  • There are prizes for the combined results from Rewell Quarry and West Angmering. Competitors will be eligible if they run their recommended age class or run "up" i.e. a longer course. Prizes will be awarded for the first three combined results in each of the following age groups: M/W 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20-40, 45-50, 55-60, 65-75, 80+

Brown 5.4km (M18-50, W18-21)

Blue 4.9km (M16, M55-60, W35-40)

Green 4.0km (M65-70, W16, W45-65)

Short Green 3.3km (M14, W14) (W70-W85+) M75+

Orange 2.1km (M12,W12)

Yellow 2.1km (M10,W10) - accessible to large wheeled pushchairs

White 1.5km - accessible to large wheeled pushchairs

Distances are draft and subject to controlling, climb minimal at approx 1% of distance.

60 minute score (Adult Novice) - Visit as many of the 30 different controls as possible and finish within 60 minutes for maximum points. Each control is worth 10 points, so the maximum score is 300. There will be a deduction of 10 points for every minute or part thereof that you’re late back.

Children’s String Course

SPORTident timing will be in use. The controls will be enabled for contactless punching but will work as normal for those that don’t have a SIAC dibber. Contactless dibbers (SIAC) can be hired for £2/day. Normal dibber (SI) hire charge £1/day.

Entry Details

Entry on the day (subject to map availability)

Seniors short green to brown (British Orienteering Member) £11.00
Seniors short green to brown (Non-member) £13.00
Seniors white, yellow, orange and 60 minute score (British Orienteering Member) £5.00
Seniors white, yellow, orange and 60 minute score (Non-member) £7:00
SO Juniors Free
Other juniors £3.00

Family rates capped at the rate of 2 adults plus 1 child.


11:30 to 13:00

Start Times

12:00 to 13:30 within 200m of assembly field. Finish in assembly field. Courses close at 3pm.

Map Details

1:5000 with 5m contours. Quarry resurveyed by Mike Gammon in 2019 with rest of area surveyed by Roger Maher, Mike Gammon and Chris Hooker 2016-19. Map prepared by Chris Hooker.

Terrain Description

All courses, except white, yellow an orange, which will be in the forest, will spend time in both the forest and semi-open quarry area. The relatively flat forest has varying runability and competitors will be kept to the best parts. The complex quarry area is well used by 4x4s and has lots of lumps and bumps and many vehicle tracks through the small wooded areas. Will you be one of the few people who manages to get through the quarry section with minimal time lost? It’ll be tricky...

Dog restrictions

Dogs allowed in assembly area, but not on the course please.


Running kit trader - Ultrasport, food provided by Tom's catering, toilets.


Based around historic Arundel, with its Medieval Castle, Wildfowl and Wetland Centre, boating on the River Arun and plentiful inns and cafes. Tourist information can be found here. Camping and caravan options can be found here.

Participant Satisfaction Survey

This is a sampled event, and participants will be invited to share their views and comments on the event by completing a short anonymous survey that should take no more than 8mins.

Contacts / Officials

Planner: Kenny Leitch

Organiser: Jan Ireland 07976 729226 before 19:30

Controller: Neil Crickmore (with Chris Hooker on the day)

Photo Gallery

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