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Results from Sat 11 SepDevils DykeSOG A1

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Planner’s comment I offered to plan this SOG as it had been a long time since I had done one and it was nice and close to home; I think I forgot how tiring it would be on the day! Getting the physicality of the courses right here is always tricky and earl…

New Summer SOGLs - 3 courses to try

JIRCS Relay 2017

As a substitute for our normal summer series of park sprint events, this year we have set up a new series of MapRun enabled short courses (ca 2.5km) in public areas. These can be run at speed or simply for navigation training.

There are three now available to try. Give it a go - it's just like a real event. Read on to find out more...

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2021 Trail Runs

2017 Devils Dyke Finish

Thursday evening trail runs continue to be offered through the Summer. These are social training events where you can run on your own or as a group. We continue to offer a range of start times to allow you to run when and with whom you want. A Doodle poll has been set up to allow you to sign up for a particular time slot. It is hoped that all runs will also be MapRun enabled. Runs will be added a few days before the Thursday each week - see below for list.

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Junior Team performs well at YBT


A team of 9 juniors travelled to The Cotswolds to take part in the annual Yvette Baker Junior Finals. The competition is decided based on the scores of the first 9 competitors in your team, so we were hoping for a clean round from everyone. Our juniors didn't let us down and everyone scored to put us into 8th place out of the 12 best clubs in the country. A great effort from everyone!

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Spring SOGLs


Below is a list of events set up for the Spring 2021 SOGL (pronounced soggle) league. This series of events was set up whilst we couldn't meet to orienteer. They are designed to be run using the MapRun software although any GPS recording device can be used and a .gpx file uploaded later. See the accompanying news item for more detail. All runs were completed by May 17th, but they will still be available to run after this.

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List of available MapRuns


Below is a list of runs that are available using the MapRunF app (see previous news item for further details on how to use this). Some use orienteering maps while others use OS maps of open access land. The government is encouraging us to get out and exercise and have deemed it acceptable to drive to access suitable areas for exercise. When participating in any of these runs please follow our recommended safety advice.

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New Committee Members

Ralph Phillips

Following the SO AGM, we have some new committee members and some change in roles. Ralph Phillips steps back into the role of Chairman, supported by Tim Hulley as Deputy Chair. Ed Forman takes the role of Treasurer, Ray Kingdom takes the role of Membership Secretary and Joe Barrett takes the role of SI coordinator. In addition Michael Merritt becomes our Honorary Reporting Account. Our thanks go to ...

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2020 Trail Runs

Trail Run

Below is a list of Summer Trail Runs that have been set up. Groups of up to six can run together on a Thursday evening (with social distancing), use the Doodle Poll to sign up for a particular time slot. Alternatively do the run whenever you want. Each run will also be set up on MapRun (for those now addicted to their beeping phone) and can be found in the UK/Sussex/TrailRuns folder. A new run should be added every Wednesday.

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Volunteers are the heart of our club. Every event is run by volunteer club members and all are encouraged to get involved. It's a great way to learn new skills and get to know your fellow Southdowners a little better.

Our Volunteer Coordinator Di Turner is responsible for finding Planners, Organisers and Controllers for events. The Event Planners usually find their own volunteers for the 'on the day’ tasks such as map sales, newcomer assistance, first aid, car parking and control collecting, however, Di will also help find volunteers for these positions if required. In addition to this our IT team, responsible for registration and download, is always keen to train up new helpers and Di will happily put you in touch with them.