Event Date Event (select to view results, photos & planners comments) Level
Sat 27 Nov Inholmes Wood SOG A6 Local
Sun 21 Nov Gravetye Woods Regional
Sat 20 Nov Gravetye Woods SE Night Champs Regional
Sat 30 Oct Rivers Wood SOG A5 Local
Thu 28 Oct Uckfield KNC KNC Local
Sat 16 Oct Newtimber Hill SOG A4 Local
Sat 9 Oct Rewell Quarry SOG A3 Local
Tue 5 Oct Burgess Hill Score course Local
Sat 25 Sep Knowlands Wood SOG A2 Local
Sat 11 Sep Devils Dyke SOG A1 Local
Sun 13 Jun Oldhouse Warren, Cowdray and Greentrees Forest National
Sat 5 Jun Windlesham House School Sprint SOG 7 Local
Sat 15 May Borde Hill SOG 6 Local
Sat 1 May Worthlodge Forest SOG 5 Local
Sat 17 Apr Rivers Wood SOG 4 Local
Sat 3 Apr Kidbrooke Park Elizabeth Brown Memorial Score Local
Sat 19 Dec Chailey Common Night Local
Sat 12 Dec Blackland Farm SOG 3 Local
Tue 3 Nov Hurstpierpoint Presidential Run Local
Thu 29 Oct Maidenbower and Pound Hill KNC Local
Sat 24 Oct Knowlands Wood SOG 2 Local
Sat 10 Oct Rewell Quarry and Goblestubb's Copse Local
Sat 12 Sep Wildgoose Woods Test Event Local
Sat 4 Jul CANCELLED Withdean Park ParkO 4 Local
Sat 13 Jun CANCELLED Queens Park ParkO 2 Local
Sat 6 Jun CANCELLED Kidbrook Park ParkO 1 & AGM Local
Sat 25 Apr CANCELLED: Knowlands Wood + Coaching SOG S7 Local
Sat 18 Apr CANCELLED: Rivers wood (tbc) SOG S6 Local
Sun 5 Apr CANCELLED: Angmering W Regional
Sat 28 Mar CANCELLED: Worthlodge + Coaching SOG S5 Local
Sat 7 Mar Great Wildgoose Woods SOG 4 Local
Thu 5 Mar East Court KNC 23 Local
Sat 29 Feb Abbott's Wood S + Coaching SOG S3 Local
Sat 15 Feb POSTPONED - Rivers Wood + Basic Skills Coaching SOG S2 Local
Sat 8 Feb Coates Common + Coaching SOG S1 Local
Sun 2 Feb Tilgate Forest Regional Regional
Sat 18 Jan Sullington Warren SOG A9 Local
Sat 11 Jan Chailey Common + Coaching SOG A8 Local
Sat 4 Jan Millennium Wood SOG A7 Local
Thu 2 Jan Tilgate Golf Course KNC KNC 14 Local
Sun 29 Dec Worthlodge Christmas Score Local
Sat 21 Dec Brighton City Race 2019 Regional
Sat 7 Dec Inholms Wood, Stoughton + Coaching SOG A6 Local
Sat 9 Nov Rivers Wood + Coaching SOG A5 Local
Sat 2 Nov Chichester Urban UKOL & SEOUL Regional
Thu 31 Oct Hailsham KNC Local
Sat 26 Oct Southwater Country Park SOG A4 Local
Sun 13 Oct Rewell NE Regional
Sat 5 Oct Pashley + Coaching SOG A3 Local
Sat 28 Sep Highdown Hill SOG A2 Local
Sat 7 Sep Devils Dyke SOG A1 Local
Sat 13 Jul East Court ParkO 6 Local
Sat 6 Jul Hawth Woods ParkO 5 & Trail-O Local
Sat 29 Jun Hove Park ParkO 4 Local
Thu 13 Jun Goffs Park ParkO 3 Local
Sat 8 Jun St Ann's Well Gardens ParkO 2 Local
Sat 1 Jun Warden Park Academy ParkO 1 and SO AGM 2019 Local
Sun 19 May West Angmering Sunny Sussex Weekend 2019 National
Sat 18 May Arundel Urban Sunny Sussex Weekend 2019 Regional
Sat 18 May Rewell Quarry and Goblestubb's Copse Sunny Sussex Weekend '19 Regional
Sat 11 May Knowlands Wood SO Championships Chasing Start Local
Sat 27 Apr Worthlodge + Coaching SOG S8 Local
Sat 13 Apr Barnstake Copse SOG S7 Local
Sat 6 Apr Abbots Wood SOG S6 Local
Sat 30 Mar Rivers Wood SOG S5 Local
Sat 23 Mar Parham + Coaching SOG S4 Local
Sat 9 Mar Southwick Hill SOG S3 Local
Thu 7 Mar East Court KNC 23 Local
Sun 3 Mar Tilgate + YBT SE Heat Regional
Sat 16 Feb Borde Hill SOG S2 Local
Sat 2 Feb Coates Common + Coaching SOG S1 Local
Sat 26 Jan Chailey Common (South) SOG A9 Local
Sat 19 Jan Millennium Wood SOG A8 Local
Sat 5 Jan Sullington Warren + Coaching SOG A7 Local
Thu 3 Jan Tilgate KNC KNC Local
Thu 27 Dec Stanmer - Elizabeth Brown Memorial Event Christmas Score Local
Sat 22 Dec Brighton City Race 2018 Local
Sat 1 Dec Stoughton + Coaching SOG A4 Local
Sun 18 Nov Tilgate Regional Level C Regional
Sat 10 Nov Southwater Country Park SOG A6 Local
Thu 1 Nov Uckfield KNC Street Event KNC Local
Sat 27 Oct Pashley + Coaching SOG A5 Local
Sat 13 Oct Great Walstead and Henfield Wood SOG A3 Local
Sun 7 Oct Rewell NE Regional Level C Regional
Sat 29 Sep Lancing Ring + Coaching SOG A2 Local
Sat 8 Sep Devil's Dyke SOG A1 Local
Sun 15 Jul Preston Park Park-O 6 Local
Sat 7 Jul Queens Park Park-O 5 Local
Sat 30 Jun Hampden Park Park-O 4 Local
Sun 24 Jun Harvester Relays at Tilgate UK Relay League National
Thu 21 Jun Southwater Country Park Park-O 3 Local
Sat 9 Jun Hotham Park Park-O 2 Local
Sat 2 Jun Windlesham House School and 2018 AGM Park-O 1 Local
Sat 26 May Rewell Woods (SE) Club Championships + Coaching SOG 9 Local
Sun 13 May Worth Lodge Long Sunny Sussex Weekend National
Sat 12 May Goffs Park Sprint Sunny Sussex Weekend Regional
Sat 12 May Rivers Wood Middle Sunny Sussex Weekend Regional
Sat 21 Apr St Leonards Forest + Coaching SOG 7 Local
Sat 14 Apr Parham Woods SOG 5 Local
Tue 10 Apr Henfield SONIC Local

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