SOG 2Borde HillSat 17 February, 2018

Near: Haywards Heath
Level of event: Local
Type of event: Race



I enjoyed planning the courses and organising the event with Linda. We were supported by many willing and friendly volunteers this morning - a big 'thank you' from us to all the helpers. I would like to especially thank Julia for 'armchair controlling' and her constructive and instructive comments on the courses and the risk assessment. Also to the SI team Ralph, Joe, Less and Bridget who as ever, so capably turning up and sorting out the computing and results. Its a tricky map to fit in good courses at all levels; the orange just dropped in straight away no problem. With the yellow I found it hard to avoid technical difficulty, and for the blue and green, rather than repeatedly crossing the area for route choices, I tried to build interesting shapes using the best bits. As a natural worrier I was concerned about things I could control and those I can't. Many thanks of course to Linda who worked alongside me to ensure everything was correct in the forest. So of course I could continue to worry about things like control batteries going flat.
And the mulshy grass and slippery mud banks - everyone said they found it hard going!

But the one big thing I could not control, which turned out beautifully, was the weather. So, besides the nice memories of quietly working through the forest with Linda before hand, there's now also lots of heart-felt smiley 'thank yous' from slightly red faces to look back on.



Is a web app for sharing and comparing orienteering routes. You can draw your own route or upload a GPS track from your watch. It also allows you to watch an animated replay with a simulated mass start.

SOG Series Info

SOGs are friendly club events where children and newcomers are very welcome. Yellow and Orange courses are suitable for children to run on their own with a bit of practice. Adults are welcome to shadow children until they are confident to go on their own. Green and Blue courses are run or walked by any age group - you can race competitively or just enjoy the woodland.

There are two series of events - autumn and spring, of approximately 10 events each. Electronic timing (SI) is used.

Help on the day always appreciated.

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Location Info

Nearest town: Haywards Heath

* Postcodes are not very precise in some areas, so don't rely on them for an exact location.

Directions / Parking

Parking will be accessed from the main entrance to Borde Hill Gardens on Borde Hill Lane.

Public Transport

Nearest trains at Haywards Heath (approx 2km)

Course Information

Yellow (1.5km), Orange (3.0km), Green (4.0km), Blue (6.0km).
Technical difficulty: Easy (yellow) to hard (Blue). See Planning Guidelines.

Entry Details

SO members fees: SO Seniors £5.00, SO Juniors free.
Non member fees: Seniors £6.00, Juniors £2.50. Extra maps 50p.

'Dibber' hire:
Electronic punching (SI) chips are available to hire. SIAC (contactless): £2, non-SIAC (not contactless) £1

Registration open

9:45 to 10:45

Start Times

10:00 to 11:00. Courses close at 12:30.

Terrain Description

Open park land with incised river valleys and wooded areas.



Contacts / Officials

Planner: Linda and Tim Hulley



Photo Gallery

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