Southdowns Gallopen

Last Updated: Fri 26 Jan 2018

SOGs are friendly club events where children and newcomers are very welcome. Yellow and Orange courses are suitable for children to run on their own with a bit of practice. Adults are welcome to shadow children until they are confident to go on their own or you can orienteer as a family group. Green and Blue courses are run or walked by any age group - you can race competitively or just enjoy the woodland.

SOG Series Scoring: Your best 6 scores to count on Blue and Green courses, best 4 on Orange and Yellow. Points are awarded by a fiendish algorithm involving average times and standard deviations. For Blue and Green, SOG series certificates are awarded to first man, first woman, first male veteran (M55+), first female veteran (W55+), first male junior (M20-) and first female junior (W20-). For Orange and Yellow certificates are awarded to the first three on each course, regardless of age.

2017/18 Autumn results

2017 Spring results

Final league table after all events.

2018 Spring League Results

2018 Spring SOG current league standings

2019 Spring League Results

2019 Spring SOG league - final standings

2018/19 Autumn League Results

2018/19 Autumn SOG final league standings

2019/20 Autumn League Results - FINAL

2019/20 Autumn SOG league standings - FINAL

2020 Spring League Results

2020 Spring SOG league