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Responsive Design for Southdowns website

Responsive Design for Southdowns website
Credit: Paul Frost

Last Updated: Wed 31 Jan 2018

After many months of development we are pleased to present our new website which has been redesigned to adapt to many different devices and improve security.

All the content has been updated and the Forum has been replaced by Facebook.

The website has been redeveloped by Paul Frost from PFweb, who built our last website and develops many other Orienteering Club websites.

We have a number of people who are set up to add news, edit content and upload results. The main contacts, many of whom can be found on the contacts page are:

News and content - Kate Turner, Will Heap, Neil Crickmore, Bridget Hooper, Steve Blount, Peter Chapman, Anna Chapman, Rob Lines

Event info - David Marsh, Neil Crickmore

Results - Joe Barrett, Les Coles, Ralph Phillips, Mike Ralph

There may be a few niggles to start with and some things will change, so please let Anna Chapman know if you spot anything that doesn't work well. We plan to revisit in one month's time to address any high priority issues.

I would like to thank my small team of SO members, who have been working with me over the past few months to get this working well and looking good.

Thanks to Kate Turner, Will Heap, Steve Blount, Neil Crickmore, David Marsh and Joe Barrett for spending many evenings learning a new system and editing pages of information.

Thanks also to Mike Gammon, Scarlet Heap, Michael Turner, Peter Chapman, Bridget and Les Hooper, Carol House, Paul Wilson, Les Coles, Ralph Phillips and Mike Ralph for either providing content, testing or learning a new system.

Anna Chapman

SO Web Manager

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