Tuesday evening social training

Last Updated: Sun 14 Oct 2018

From the end of September until Easter SO will be running a series of training activities on Tuesday evenings between 7:30 and 8:30. The social aspect of these activities are just as important as the training themselves, and many of the activities will be undertaken in pairs or groups. Some participants will retire to a local hostelry afterwards for post training refreshments. Each month we will put on different types of training, see below for more details.

60 minute score: using a specially prepared street map you will have one hour to visit as many control points as you can. At each control point you will answer a simple question (eg lamp post number) to prove that you have been there. At the end of the hour you can compare notes with the others to see who visited the most controls. SI dibbers will be used for timing purposes. Some sort of torch will be helpful for reading the map.

Out and back runs: we will start at a defined point on a linear and easy to follow path (eg Downs Link, Southdowns Way, Ouse/Adur paths, Worth Way) and then you run for 25 mins, at your own speed, in one direction and then turn round and head back. Some may wish to add intervals to this, or run as pairs and chat about past or future orienteering events. A torch will be required.

Forest orienteering: we will use public areas (eg Stanmer Park, Devil's Dyke, Horsham Park etc) to practice orienteering technique and terrain running. Master this at night and daytime orienteering will seem so much easier. Exercises will be undertaken in pairs (or more) so you will never be out there alone. A good torch will be essential.

Puzzle run: a more informal activity which will take place in a small town or village in which navigating around the streets will be combined with some sort of puzzle. Excellent transferable skills for orienteering.

Some weeks there will be no activity since many of us will be competing at an event put on by our neighbouring club (MV) on an area relatively close to us http://www.mvoc.org/Events/201...

All of these activities will be suitable for both experienced and inexperienced members. Each costs just £1 which will cover the cost of map printing.