Evening Trail Runs

Last Updated: Sun 14 Jun 2020

The regular summer evening trail runs are starting again but with some changes to allow compliance with Government rules. Notably:

i) No groups of more than 6

ii) Social distancing to be maintained between runners

iii) Please print and bring your own map

To facilitate i) a Doodle poll has been set up where you can book a slot on a Thursday evening, if you would like to run with others. Note that if 6 individuals/households have already signed up for a slot you will have to choose another.

The general plan will be that the location of the run will be published by the Sunday beforehand and you will be able to sign up for a slot. You can of course have a go at the run at any other time of your choosing, and you can walk if you don't want to / can't run. It is likely that we will set the run up in MapRun but it's up to you whether you want to use the App. As always the usual safety rules apply.