Cheers to the White Rose

Southdowners at White Rose, North York Moors

Southdowners at White Rose, North York Moors

Last Updated: Fri 31 Aug 2018

For some Southdowners, August Bank Holiday weekend means travelling to the North York Moors for the annual White Rose weekend of Orienteering. The event is a great social occasion and is always based around a central event campsite with most events only walking distance away. The prestigious prize that everyone pursues is the White Rose Mug!

Winners of the combined middle and long race

1st Chris Hooker
2nd Steve Blount

1st Jill Blount

2nd Bridget Hooper

Winners of the night score event

Super vet men
1st Steve Blount
2nd Chris Hooker

Ultra vet men
1st Alan Williamson
Super Vet women
2nd Jill Blount
3rd Jane Lambert

Winners of the exciting sprint event around Helmsley Castle

Ultra vet men
2nd Robin Smith
3rd Mike Turner
Ultra vet women
3rd Di Turner

Winners of the Team Relay

A Open class:

1st JCL Nick Jarvis, Chris Lambert, Josh Cooper

B 160+ class:

1st Simply Raisins (Chris Hooker, Alan Williamson, Steve Blount)

A 120+ class:

2nd Sussex Flyers ( Anna Chapman. Michael Merritt, Peter Chapman)

B 120+ class:

2nd We want a club minibus (Jill Blount, Jane Lambert, Rose Hartmann)

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The Coveted White Rose Mug

The Coveted White Rose Mug