Planners Comments

Great to see forty seven of you at our Night Score event in Maidenbower and Tilgate last night. I hope you enjoyed your runs around the streets and golf course. Storm Eleanor left us with a cool dry night but it left some of the off street areas very wet. The map offered a fun mix of fast running terrain. It was good to be able to throw in the golf course this year. It is a great area to run when there are no golfers on it. The score was planned with straight line routes of about 10 km which produced actual distances of about 12 km. Not quite long enough for three of you. Well done. Looking at the results it was good to see some variations in the routes and that some of you were tempted by one more controls. My thanks to those who helped me with this event: Joe for setting up and running the SI computer; Jane for the post run Jaffa cakes; Neil, Michelle, Penny, Euan and Liam for collecting controls.