5.4km 95m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Neil Crickmore SO M55 40:07
2nd Alan Velecky SO M50 41:07
3rd Liam Marsh SO M20 42:57
4th Chris Hooker SO M55 44:06
5th Mark Chapman SO M55 45:54
6th Troy Southall SO M14 46:41
7th Chris Pritchett WIGHTO M55 47:35
8th Jill Blount SO W55 51:32
9th Julia Jarvis SO W45 52:33
10th Anna Chapman SO W40 54:14
11th Edward Nichols SO M35 54:44
12th Rob Keet SO M60 55:27
13th Simon Dunkley SN M50 55:36
14th Richard Sansom SO M40 56:04
15th Darren Warner-Swann SO M45 58:34
16th Andrew Hannaford SO M60 59:14
17th Andrew Clark SO M55 59:15
18th= Edward Cox SO M55 60:49
18th= Paul Wilson SO M55 60:49
20th Barry McElearney SO M50 62:40
21st Michael Taylor SO M45 62:50
22nd Robin Smith SOC M65 63:27
23rd Nick Hockey DEVON M65 65:03
24th Penny Marsh SO W50 65:20
25th Katie Sellens and Shanelle BOF W21 67:00
26th Martin Sellens SOS M65 67:59
27th Joe Barrett SO M50 68:08
28th Aaron Taylor SO M16 70:39
29th Thomas Best SO M20 72:08
30th John Kay IND M55 74:01
31st John Pittam SO M65 77:47
32nd Malcolm Scott SN M60 78:50
33rd Christine Jepson SO W55 86:00
34th Penny Parker SO W50 86:53
35th David White SO M65 87:33
36th Robert Crossett SO M75 119:37
w15 Dave Taylor SO M45 58:51
m7-15 Claire Leitch SO W50 73:42
m13-14 Ruth Rhodes SO W75 92:13



3.6km 75m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Steve Jarvis SO M50 32:56
2nd Andrew Parkinson SO M65 33:49
3rd Steve Southall SO M60 35:07
4th Euan Raeside SO M14 35:52
5th Amelia Bartlett SO W14 36:39
6th Tim Hulley SO M55 38:23
7th Alan Williamson SO M65 39:18
8th Edward Forman SO M65 42:11
9th David Cussens SO M65 42:36
10th Peter Dudman SO M65 43:44
11th Nick Raeside SO M55 43:54
12th Mike Murray SLOW M70 45:04
13th Jules Wheeler SO W35 45:20
14th Nadine Clark SO W50 45:36
15th Sophie Kingdom SO W18 45:46
16th Madelyn Bartlett SO W12 48:43
17th Mark Salthouse SO M50 49:00
18th Hilary Sellens SOS W60 51:53
19th Barry Hatton SO M55 52:00
20th Tim Bartlett SO M50 52:19
21st Mike Ralph SO M55 52:36
22nd Andy Ward SO M55 52:57
23rd Mike Gammon SO M85 55:27
24th Linda Hulley SO W60 56:58
25th Julie Drake SO W45 57:39
26th Sam Storey IND W45 58:31
27th Mike Turner SO M65 58:57
28th Garry Phillips IND M55 59:35
29th Ray Kingdom SO M55 61:24
30th Anna Bartlett SO W50 62:40
31st Leslie Hooper SO M75 62:41
32nd Jasmine Bennett SO W60 64:01
33rd Patrick Maher SO M80 66:07
34th James Kingdom SO M16 66:41
35th Diane Goodwin SWOC W55 66:50
36th Mike Baron SO M75 68:33
37th Alex Redmond IND M16 68:44
38th Neil Redmond IND M50 68:51
39th Lorna Lindfield SO W70 71:26
40th Sylvia Coles SO W70 71:57
41st David Cross SOC M55 72:19
42nd Justin Kimber   M50 77:15
43rd Chris Taylor SO W65 80:25
44th Bridget Hooper SO W70 85:29
45th Vicki Barkaway SOC W60 91:01
46th Jon Wallace SO M60 118:32
m12 Di Turner SO W65 48:57
m5-8 Peter Brown SO M75 62:34



2.5km 50m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Daniel, Gareth and Leo SOUTHA M14 21:58
2nd Digby and Harry 12CHIB M10 24:18
3rd Max Best SO M16 27:11
4th Sally-Anne Simmons SO W35 28:13
5th Ethan and Ethan 12 CHIE M10 30:27
6th= Ruby Sophie Anna Isabella SOUTH G W10 31:01
6th= Henry McLaughlin SO M21 31:01
8th Laura Finch IND W21 31:28
9th Felix and Isobel 12CHIC M10 31:41
10th George, Alfie and Oliver FUNTA M10 32:40
11th James and Eddie 12CHIA M10 35:38
12th= Sam and Sam 12CHID M14 37:37
12th= Finn and Sam 5CHIA M10 37:37
14th Hermione Boyle SO W12 38:06
15th Matthew, Jasmine and James SOUTHB M14 38:35
16th Gill Smith SO W80 39:17
17th Hannah Taylor SO W14 39:28
18th Frankie Warner-Swann SO W16 39:59
19th Matt and Ben 12CHIG M10 40:07
20th Brian Taylor SO M70 40:28
21st Frankie, Isabelle, Amelia SOUTH E W10 40:30
22nd Alex and George 12CHIF M10 41:31
23rd Ben, Oakley 5CHIG M10 41:54
24th Shay, Will, Charlie SOUTH A M10 43:20
25th Henry, Thomas 12CHI D M10 46:08
26th Ben, Josh 5 CHI C M10 47:35
27th Thomas, Charlie, Wolfie 5 CHI B M10 49:36
28th David, George, James 5 CHI E M10 51:04
29th Olly,Ella, Ed SOUTH C M10 51:08
30th Owen, Oliver, Ben 12 CHI M14 55:23
31st Ellie, Amy, Rosie SOUTH H W10 56:15
32nd Henry, Ben 12 CHIA M14 65:19
33rd Joshua, Henry, Fred SOUTH F M10 70:22
34th Scarlett, Annabelle, Elsie SOUTH D W10 74:51
35th Jack, Ollie, Eddie, Harry BIRD A M10 77:10
36th Brian Smith SO M80 79:49
37th Solomon, Thomas FUNT C M10 79:52
38th Zachary, Eddie FUNT B M10 80:27
39th Rowan Sillett IND M10 84:33
40th Maddie Hughes IND W10 84:46
41st Tom Hughes IND M10 85:16
42nd Michael Shove SO M85 87:48
dns rtd Oliver, Kian, Cordero 5 CHI D M10  
m6 Vikki Bennett IND W21 37:57
m1-3 m5 Peter, William, Hadley, Theo BIRD B M10 75:39
m1-3 Oliver, Rory, Sam FUNT M14 81:38
m5 Lucas, Hadley, Danny, Oliver BIRD M10 83:15
m5 Isaac, Edward, Alfie BIRD C M10 84:11
m10 Suzy, Matilda, Evie SOUTH B W10 97:26



1.5km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ella Boyle SO W12 13:28
2nd Gennie Hockey Dutton IND W8 14:47
3rd Persephone Boyle SO W10 18:15
4th Ben Chapman SO M10 19:52
5th Isabelle Cage IND W14 20:32
6th Emma Chapman SO W10 22:01
7th Dylan and Jacob 12CHIA M12 24:29
8th Maisie Wheeler SO W10 30:48
9th Poppy Hockey Dutton IND W5 36:39
10th Adam, Eli, Alex 12 CHIB M12 68:38