Hawth Woods map

Near: Crawley

Last Updated: Sun 2 Jun 2019


Without woodlands we would still be in the Stone Age!
We wouldn't have mobile phones, motor cars, computers and aeroplanes, in fact we would have none of the trappings of modern life, without carefully managed woodlands where charcoal was made. Charcoal burns hot enough to melt metals out of stone ores. For centuries it was made in managed woodlands like the Hawth Woods; it was widely available and easily made. From the Bronze Age to the Eighteenth Century our way of life depended on it.
Hawth Woods was a place of great industry.
You will discover many pit-like depressions in the ground where iron ore was dug. Charcoal was also made here and both were sent to the nearby Tilgate furnace where Tudor and Elizabethan iron was produced for tools and weapons of war.
Last updated: 2019
Map Scale: 1:4,000
Area: Northern


Nearest Town: Crawley
Postcode: RH10 6YZ *
Lat,Lng: 51.1114,-0.17333
Grid Ref: TQ278363

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