Permanent Orienteering Courses

Last Updated: Mon 28 May 2018

There are a number of Permanent Orienteering Courses (POCs) in Sussex, which can be used to practise on. Whatever your level of experience and fitness, you can devise an activity to suit you using a permanent orienteering course. Add interest to a family walk, explore a site during your holidays or give a fresh challenge to a training run.

How to use the courses

Maps are available for these courses, which show the location of around 20 controls. A number of possible courses have been suggested at the bottom of each map, however there is nothing to stop you starting from wherever you wish and visiting whichever controls you want in any order.

The controls are marked by square plaques split into one red and one white triangle. Most of these are fixed to posts, benches or trees. On each plaque is a number corresponding to that marked on the map, also on the plaque is a unique letter. Noting down this letter provides proof that you have visited the control. On the map is a series of boxes, one for each control. Each box contains the number of the control, a description of its location and a space into which to copy the letter from the plaque..

All of Southdowns Orienteers' Permanent Orienteering Courses are currently (Autumn 2017-Summer 2018) undergoing a vigorous programme of checking, revision and refurbishment. As maps and courses are revised, this page will be with detailed information about how to obtain a map and gain access to the area.

The following locations have up to date maps and well maintained course markers:

Maps available from Ed Forman (SO Permanent Course Co-ordinator)

  • Southwater Country Park, Southwater - TQ159256

Maps available from Southwater Watersports Centre - Southwater Country Park, Southwater, West Sussex. RH13 9UN, Phone: 01403 734424

Maps can be downloaded free of charge from Brighton and Hove City Council.

Maps can be downloaded free of charge from Brighton and Hove City Council.

Maps can be downloaded free of charge from Brighton and Hove City Council.

  • St Ann's Well Gardens, Brighton TQ297048

Maps can be downloaded free of charge from Brighton and Hove City Council.

Maps available at no additional charge to paying visitors to the garden and park. Enquiries to the visitors centre at Borde Hill. Tel. 01444 450326

  • Blackland Farm, Girlguiding Activity Centre, Grinstead Lane, East Grinstead TQ381336

Maps provided on site to groups or individuals arranging an orienteering activity at the centre. Enquiries tel 01342 810493

The following sites are undergoing revision and repair during Spring 2018 and we expect them to be available for use very shortly. In the meantime please check with Ed Forman (SO POC Co-ordinator) before visiting the locations.

The following sites have slightly older courses where there may be some map updates required or controls missing. There is an ongoing programme of work to look at regenerating these courses where feasible.

The following sites have permanent courses in Sussex which are co-ordinated by other clubs:

Maps available from Mole Valley Orienteering Club.

  • Leechpool and Owlbeech Woods, Horsham TQ194314

Maps available from Mole Valley Orienteering Club.