Summer Sprint Series

Last Updated: Fri 26 Jan 2018

The Summer Sprint League runs throughout the summer months with a series of 6 events normally held in local parks or schools. For seniors your best four scores count towards an overall league table (three for juniors) with medals awarded at the end of the last event of the series in the following classes: Junior (16-), Senior (18-35), Veteran (40-50), Super Veteran (55-60) and Ultra Veteran (65+). To be eligible for the league you must run the single sprint course, although yellow and orange courses are also available for younger or less experienced participants.

Summer Sprint Series Scoring: Best 4 of 6 scores to count at the end of the series. Medals awarded to the first three in each category.

2017 results

Final table after all events

2018 Results

2018 Summer Sprint Series current league standings, best 3 results to count