Squad Kit

Last Updated: Sat 14 Oct 2023

For SOGS and coaching you will need suitable clothes and shoes for running in forests or towns. Full leg cover will be required in the woods and remember to bring extra layers for coaching - the sessions are slower paced than competition running.

For club competitions the official Junior Squad strip comprises: squad orienteering top, black running trousers and black gaitors. In cold weather a black long-sleeved top should be worn under the squad top.

Squad O-Top

The squad shirt is available to members who fulfill the following criteria:

  • Member of Southdowns Orienteers
  • Able to independently complete a yellow course
  • Prepared to represent the squad in inter-club competitions

The shirts cost £20 each which includes a subsidy from Southdowns Orienteers. The stock of shirts is held by Anna Chapman.


Orienteers wear a variety of shoes, depending on the terrain:

  • Trail shoes - specialist running shoes with serious grip! Lots of rubber studs stop you from sliding around in the mud. They range in price from £30-£150 and can be found in places like SportsShoes (BO members get a discount) as well as from orienteering shops, CompassPoint and Ultrasport. Inov8 are a popular brand.
  • Metal studded shoes (dobs) - unique to orienteering with dozens of small metal studs embedded in the tread of the shoe. These tend to cost £60-£120 and have excellent grip.
  • Trainers - perfect for urban and sprint competitions as well as the summer park series.

Try tieing your laces using the heel-lock method to avoid the risk of blisters or losing your shoes in the mud. Very handy!

The junior squad has a box of second hand shoes and it's worth having a look to see if there's anything in your size. Anna Chapman looks after the box - email her if you want a particular size. There's no charge to take a pair, but the scheme relies on people putting shoes back into the box when they grow out of a particular size.