SO Club Coaching

SO Club Coaching

Last Updated: Thu 14 Nov 2019

Our monthly coaching sessions are open to everyone. If you are brand new to orienteering then these sessions can be a great way to get started. Juniors, their parents and other adults are most welcome.

Coaching sessions start at 10am and precede a club orienteering race, so you can test out your new skills on a course. The training aims to be finished by 11am and starts are kept open until 11.30am for those attending coaching.

There’s no additional fee to pay on top of the main event, and as always our friendly bunch of coaches will have plenty of tips and techniques to pass on. Please let Rob Lines know if you would like to attend.

Coaching dates for 2019/2020

  • 5th October: Pashley, Eastbourne
  • 9th November: Rivers Wood, Haywards Heath
  • 7th December: Inholmes Wood, Chichester
  • 11th January: Chailey Common, Haywards Heath
  • 8th February: Coates Common, Pulborough
  • 29th February: Abbots Wood, Hailsham
  • 28th March: Worthlodge, Crawley
  • 25th April: Knowlands Wood, Barcombe

Online Coaching

Online coaching or 'armchair orienteering', can help improve your technical skills. Alter the time limit on the exercises to make them more challenging. These exercises on the Octavian Droobers website will only work on non-touchscreen devices.

  1. Contour Training
  2. Map Rotation Training
  3. Map Symbol Training
  4. Memory Training
  5. Control Description Training
Club coaching session

Club coaching session