Last Updated: Thu 2 Jan 2020

Badges, certificates, medals and trophies are awarded throughout the year for club and regional competitions and major events like the British Championships.

Colour Coded Badges

This is a great way for juniors M/W10-M/W20 to keep track of how they're progressing as an orienteer, all the way from yellow standard to the rarely seen black. Badges are awarded by the South East Orienteering Association (SEOA). To qualify for a colour coded badge you need to:

  • Complete a course 3 times either on your own or as a pair with another SO junior (pairs count on yellow & orange courses).
  • Achieve a result within 150% of the winners time OR in the top 50% of competitors (incl dnf & dsq results).

Will Heap keeps track of our junior achievements at local events. If you travel further afield let him know so he can keep the records up to date and make sure you get the badges you deserve.

SO League Certificates & Medals

There are 3 annual SO leagues where certificates or medals are awarded - an autumn SOG, spring SOG and a summer Sprint series. SOG certificates are awarded to the first 3 competitors on the Yellow and Orange courses and the first placed junior male and junior female on the Green and Blue courses. Medals are awarded for the summer Sprint series to the first 3 competitors in each age category. More info and current league tables are here.

SO Championship Certificates

An annual age-class competition between club members, results being drawn from six regional Level C events. Certificates are awarded to the first 3 juniors in each age-class.

SEOA Certificates

The South East Orienteering Association (SEOA) award annual certificates to the first three competitors in each age class. Results are compiled from clubs throughout SE England.

JK Sprint Podium M/W16

JK Sprint Podium M/W16

SO Club Trophies

A variety of club trophies are presented at the annual SO AGM. More details here.

Medals and Major Event Trophies

These are awarded at Regional and National Championships as well as Major competitions such as the JK, Lakes 5 Days, Croeso and Scottish 6 Days.