Joining Southdowns Orienteers

Last Updated: Sat 5 Feb 2022

Southdowns Orienteering Club (known as SO) is a friendly and active club covering the whole of Sussex in the South East Orienteering Association (SEOA). We organise many events during the year with all details and locations displayed on the Events section of the website. The best way to find out about us is to come along to an event where you will receive a very warm welcome and plenty of help to get you started.

SO is keen to encourage their juniors, so all junior members are free to enter all SO events.

The club is affiliated to British Orienteering, the sport’s national governing body, and you join the club via the British Orienteering website. The link below will take you to the pre-filled first page of the British Orienteering members page.

NB: If you are joining towards the end of the year, please be aware that, if you join after 1stNovember of that year, your membership will be valid until 31stDecember of the following year, so you get 14 months of membership for the price of 12.


Every member of an orienteering club also becomes a British Orienteering member

This entitles you to:

  • Entry fee discounts at events
  • Eligibility to compete in the British Championships and the JK
  • Opportunity to represent your country at international competitions
  • Be entered into the national rankings scheme.
  • Access to a ‘Navigational Challenge’ and ‘Racing Challenge’ incentive Scheme
  • Public liability insurance when participating in events and activities registered with British Orienteering
  • Vote at the British Orienteering AGM
  • Discounts from national companies through the member discounts scheme

Membership Levels and Fees

There are two levels of British Orienteering membership:

  • Senior – any member aged 21 or older on 31 December of the membership year
  • Junior – any member aged 20 or younger on 31 December of the membership year

The British Orienteering Membership fees for 2022 are:

  • Senior member – £15.00
  • Junior member – £5.00

Families can continue to join/renew British Orienteering as a ‘Family’ but the membership fee will be made up of the sum parts. E.g. A Family containing two senior and one junior members will be charged a British Orienteering Membership Fee of £40.00 (2 Senior members at £15 + 2 Junior member at £5.00). If the Club or Association offers a Family fee, the family will be charged the Club/Ass family fee on joining/renewing. Otherwise the Club and Association membership fee will be calculated in the same way as the British Orienteering Fee e.g. the sum parts

Joining Fees for 2022

Junior member: £10.50,

Senior member: £28.00,

Family membership: £61.50 (with 2 adults and 2 children)

When you join, if you are a family you will need to pay the individual BO fee for each family member together with £21.50 for the SO family membership. Thus, for 2020, the subscription fees are made up as follows:

Family [2 Sen + 2 Jun] (£)Senior (£)Junior (£
40.00 (2 x 15) + (2 x 5)15.005.00

2nd Club members

£4.00, £9.00, £14.00.
(For orienteers already members of another club.)

Note that Juniors count as those with an orienteering age of 20 or below. Many orienteering competitions are based on age classes (eg 50-55). To find out your orienteering age class (separate classes for Men and Women) use the table below.

Born in Orienteering age Born in Orienteering age
1924 - 1928 M/W 90 1974 - 1978 M/W 40
1929 - 1933 M/W 85 1979 - 1983 M/W 35
1934 - 1938 M/W 80 1984 - 1997 M/W 21
1939 - 1943 M/W 75 1998 - 1999 M/W 20
1944 - 1948 M/W 70 2000 - 2001 M/W 18
1949 - 1953 M/W 65 2002 - 2003 M/W 16
1954 - 1958 M/W 60 2004 - 2005 M/W 14
1959 - 1963 M/W 55 2006 - 2007 M/W 12
1964 - 1968 M/W 50 2008 M/W 10
1969 - 1973 M/W 45 after 2008 Actual age


For new and existing members please join online via the British Orienteering members page. This link will take you to the pre-filled first page of the British Orienteering members page.

2nd club members please contact the membership secretary through the contacts page.