Sunny Sussex WeekendEartham NSat 11 May, 2024

Near: Slindon
Level of event: Regional
Type of event: Race

Location Info

* Postcodes are not very precise in some areas, so don't rely on them for an exact location.

Sunny Sussex Weekend 2024 Series Info

A weekend of orienteering in the South Downs National Park, located between Chichester and Arundel. Take part in a high energy middle distance race at Eartham. Head over to Chichester Uni and Oaklands Park for an exciting evening sprint race and finish the weekend off with a long distance national event at the newly mapped Houghton. Pre-enter all three events and receive a £3 discount per adult. Convenient campsite available. The weekend coordinator is Anna Chapman.

Directions / Parking

Parking is just off the A285 near Upwaltham between Chichester and Petworth GU28 0LZ, W3W //cured.bulk.scoop. A limit of 240 cars, please share if possible. There is a narrow entrance/exit onto a fast road so please arrive before 1300 and do not leave until after that.

Public Transport

The 99 bus runs from Chichester to Petworth and stops just by the entrance to the assembly field at the end of Selhurstpark Road. Use the 1215 from Chichester, return 1500 or 1700. This is a ‘semi-flexible’ service, varying its route according to demand, and to ensure it passes the event location you must contact Compass Bus,

Course Information

Black (M18-40)
Brown (M16, M45-55, W21)
Blue (M60, W16-20, W35-45)
Green (M65-70, W50-55)
Short Green (M75+, W60+)
Light Green (M14, W14)
Orange (M12, W12)
Yellow (M10, W10)
White (M10B, W10B)

The suggested course/class combinations reflect the new British Orienteering Course Planning Guidance, effective from January 2024. Anybody however is free to run whatever course they want.

Entry Details

Entry via

Early entries before midnight on Sunday 28th April:

Seniors light green to black (British Orienteering Member) £12.00
Seniors light green to black (Non-member) £14.00
Seniors white, yellow, orange £8.00
SO Juniors Free
Other juniors £6.00

Entries before 8pm on Friday 10th May:
(Entries close at 8pm on 10th May, but maps numbers will be set from 8pm on 5th May. Enter whilst maps available.)

Seniors light green to black (British Orienteering Member) £14.00
Seniors light green to black (Non-member) £16.00
Seniors white, yellow, orange £8.00
SO Juniors Free
Other juniors £6.00

Discount codes

Family rates for non-SO members capped at the rate of 2 adults plus 1 child. Enter the first three competitors as normal, then second, third child etc. using discount code 'Family'.

SO juniors use discount code 'SOjuniors'.

Start Times

Punching starts from 1200 -1330. Courses close 1500. Both start and finish within 200m of assembly.

Terrain Description

Eartham is one of the most open and runnable forests in the south of England, one of those places where you can set a compass course and count on running it free of obstruction and undergrowth. There are lots of point features inside the blocks of forest to add challenge to the senior courses. The forest is 90% beech woodland, and should be looking at its best as the trees will just be opening fresh green leaves in May.
There is a gentle slope down from the start intersected by dry valleys – no streams, no marshes, no mud.
The assembly area has good downland views, is sheltered from the prevailing South-westerlies and will be available for camping for people who want to stay for the weekend.



Tom’s Catering will provide a great selection of food and drinks.


We hope that Compass Point will be attending for all your Orienteering supplies.


On-site camping, toilets, drinking water, first aid.



The assembly field is a regular campsite with toilets, shower, and drinking water. We have the exclusive use of the field for the whole weekend. If you want to camp there (£5 per head per night) please contact the owner, Mr Pirt, directly on He can provide limited space on the Friday night outside the parking area. Because of space limitations, those arriving to camp on Saturday will need to wait until the assembly field is clear of cars after about 3pm before pitching their tents.


We plan to run a string course 300m from Assembly area. The area will not be used by the main courses. It does however have thinnings on the ground; the string will weave a path between these but there will still be some branches to step over and it could be quite adventurous for children under 7.


These events are well suited to beginners, juniors and family groups who want to try orienteering or move up from school to forest orienteering.

Pre-enter as in the entry details section below. If you don't have a "dibber" (the electronic timing device) you can hire one - you will be allocated one to pick up at the Enquiries tent at the event. You will also pick up your map at the event - at the start.

The location information on the event web page will take you to the parking and / or the event centre (the Download flag and the tent will be where you pick up your dibber). At the event centre, club members (wearing yellow high visibility jackets) are there to help and advise. The start is usually very close to the event centre, but if not, there will be red and white tapes placed intermittently along the route that you follow to get between the event centre and the start and finish.

If you are new to this sport, please select the Yellow or Orange course. This may seem short but it's the best way to learn. Most families start with a “Yellow” level course which is about 2.5km long and will take around 30-45 minutes.

Contacts / Officials

Planner: Ed Nichols

Organiser: David Wilson

Controller: Kieran Devine (BAOC)

Important Event Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event. Information about how to keep yourself and your children safe at an event can be found here.

Whistles: Carrying a whistle is strongly recommended at all our events and may be made compulsory by the organiser depending on identified risks and conditions.

SIACs: Note that in contactless mode no record of a SIAC "punch" is held in the control box. By using contactless punching, competitors are accepting the resulting risk that we may take longer to find them if they are lost or injured.

Covid Prevention: Please adhere to the British Orienteering Code of Conduct and take care to allow others to maintain social distance if they wish.

Ticks: Please be aware that ticks are common across many of the areas we run in and can carry infections such as Lyme Disease and Tick-Borne Encephalitis. This is why the rules of orienteering say that you MUST wear full leg and abdomen cover in the forest. Full arm cover is also recommended. Please check for ticks after running and seek medical advice if you develop flu like symptoms or a spreading circular rash after being bitten. There is an excellent government leaflet here.

Insurance: All of our events are registered with British Orienteering and are covered by their public liability insurance; individuals are advised to consider their own private accident insurance.

Please note that the insurance only covers those registered as being part of the event so if you are taking part as a group, or are accompanying / shadowing a child please make sure you register the names of everyone taking part as you sign up.

For club taster / coaching sessions, individuals who are registered as attending are insured for a maximum of 3 initial sessions whilst deciding whether to join; they must be members of British Orienteering by their 4th session.

Privacy: when participating in our events/activities your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports. Read our data protection page to see how we look after your personal data.

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