Level CAngmering Park WestSun 01 May, 2022

Bluebells in the Spring

Bluebells in the Spring

Near: Arundel
Level of event: Regional
Type of event: Race



Competition run with 200 competitors who may have enjoyed my challenges and I
only received about 5 comments, mainly the pit control 70 and the map not being up
to date with the layout of the colours. The pit did have an excellent attack point, a root stock
marked on the map.

Considering my planning was mostly theory only, due to a brain Injury (Yes, I do
have one though a little battered) That’s when members of Southdowns came to the
forefront and volunteered to put out the controls for me. One of my favourite tasks of
planning. My controller from Southampton had to visit Angmering on my behalf many
times. A big thank you Kieran.

So many thanks to the following for making the event a success.

  • Controller: Kieran Devine (SOC)
  • Organiser: Michael Merritt
  • Controls Out: Garry Phillips, Michelle Funnell, Alan Yule, James Yule, David Funnell, Michael Merritt.
  • Car Parking: Steve Blount, Brian Person, Robin Wilson, Jill Blount, Sue Person, Jane King, Joe House, Andy Hannaford, Chris Jepson, Gethin Lewis.
  • Finish: Peter Chapman, Vince Joyce, Ed Forman. Neil Crickmore.
  • Enquiries: Anna Chapman, David Cussens.
  • Start: Vikki Sampson, Garry Phillips, Ralph Phillips.
  • Control Collection: Vikki Sampson, Garry Greenstreet, Garry Phillips, Barry Jones, Ed Foreman, Chris Hooker, Nick Hockey, Peter Stubblefield.
  • SI Team: Joe Barrett, Penny Parker, Les Coles.


Is a web app for sharing and comparing orienteering routes. You can draw your own route or upload a GPS track from your watch. It also allows you to watch an animated replay with a simulated mass start.

Pre event info

Pre-enter by 8pm on 30th April. Angmering Estate is a large, predominantly deciduous woodland on the South Downs. This regional event offers a wide range of courses for all abilities with courses ranging from White 1.4km to Brown 10km. The courses using the far south of the map will travel through a very interesting network of earth features and dried up waterways.

Regional Series Info

Open to everyone. These events offer a larger range of colour coded courses (including the usual yellow, orange, green, blue) and attract a wider group of people from different clubs. Regional events often offer a white course which is easier than a yellow and ideal for juniors wishing to try it on their own for the first time as there should be a control at every decision point. Seven colours are used with each representing a certain level of difficulty (both technical and physical). The darker the colour, the longer and harder the course.

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Enquiries here

Location Info

Nearest town: Arundel

* Postcodes are not very precise in some areas, so don't rely on them for an exact location.

Directions / Parking

Car parking: what3words ///flag.piles.removers

Parking is in a field along a forest road just near to Blakehurst Farm, BN18 9QG. The event will be signposted from the A27 at the Crossbush Roundabout. Please approach the event along Blakehurst Lane, turning left off the A27 dual carriageway heading Eastbound. If you are travelling West along the A27 from Brighton/Worthing, please go all the way to the Crossbush Roundabout and travel back along the A27 Eastbound prior to turning left onto Blakehurst Lane. Access to the parking is along a single-track road off Blakehurst Lane. Please drive along this track at no more than 20mph.

When you leave the event, please follow the signs to indicate whether you are going to travel East or West along the A27. It is requested that competitors do not exit the car park until after midday to prevent congestion on the access road.

Public Transport

Nearest bus stops at Poling Corner on the A27 at Blakehurst Lane. Bus 69 and 615 go Westbound and bus 69 goes Eastbound.

Nearest train station: Arundel 2.2 miles approx. to car park.

Course Information

Brown 10.0km 150m

Blue 7.2km 130m

Short Blue 5.4km 85m

Green 4.6km 75m

Short Green / Light Green 3.3km 55m

Orange 2.5km 45m

Yellow 2.4km 25m

White 1.4km 20m

All details subject to final controlling

Entry Details

Pre-entry only via Racesignup.co.uk, there will be no entry on the day.

White/Yellow/Orange courses: £5 Seniors, £3 Juniors

Short Green / Green / Short Blue / Blue / Brown: Juniors £3

Seniors: £12 while maps available

SO Juniors Free (use SOjuniors discount code)

Dibber hire £1 seniors / £0.5 Juniors (or £2/£1 for contactless)

Start Times


Map Details

The map has been produced by David Peel at a scale of 1:10,000 with 5m contours and using ISOM 2017. The area was surveyed in January 2019, with some updates/additions to the area having taken place in March 2022.

Terrain Description

Angmering Estate is a large, predominantly deciduous woodland on the South Downs. Most of the woodland is very runnable although there are some areas of bramble and brashings. Areas of significant undergrowth have been avoided where possible. There are houses within the whole area, so please take care when approaching. The courses using the far south of the map will travel through a very interesting network of earth features and dried up waterways. At points there may be fences to cross, but the routes take you in a way that you should cross ruined fences rather than possibly damaging upright ones. There are a lot of barbed wire fences often laid on the ground. Please take extra care around areas where there are any type of fences marked on the map. Features in Angmering are the usual mixture with many depressions, some of them very large. There are also numerous paths and rides, which may be used by walkers and, particularly in the south, horse-riders.

Dog restrictions

Dogs are not permitted in the car park or on courses due to free roaming sheep.


Toilets are within the assembly area.

Professional First Aiders are on duty throughout the event.

Catering will be provided by Tom’s Burger Van serving hot food, cake and drinks.


For those historians, this area also has a number of historical landmarks. The main road/track that runs though the north part of the forest is called Monarchs Way. It is part of the 615-mile route that Charles II took when escaping from the battle of Worester in 1651. He stopped at many villages in Sussex and made his final part of the journey through Angmering towards Shoreham Harbor. As well as running along the route a King took, you will also be stepping where there was once a highway robbery. Jack Upperton robbed a local postman in 1771. He was hung in Horsham and then gibbeted in Angmering Park near to where the robbery had taken place to warn others. The site of the gibbet is still there, very near to our start, and our assembly field is named Gibbet Field.

Contacts / Officials

Planner: Ralph Phillips

Organiser: Michael Merritt

Controller: Kieran Devine

Photo Gallery

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View from near the start

View from near the start
Credit: Joe Barrett