Team Availability Spring 2019

Last Updated: Mon 21 Jan 2019

It's that time of the year when I need to put teams together for various competitions in the Spring. Details of these events are given below and to facilitate the entry process I have set up a doodle poll at to allow you to enter your availability. You don't need to sign up to use this poll and you can go back and edit entries later if need be.

CompassSport Cup Heat. Both the heat and final are very local to us this year so it would be great to try and do well in the heat and qualify for the final. The event is on Sunday 17th March and organised by SAXONS OC. Preliminary details here. I will be doing the entries and we can enter as many club members as we want. The more that enter the greater chance we have of doing well.

JK Relays. The JK is the biggest annual orienteering event held in the UK and this year is relatively close as well - around Aldershot. The relays are being held at Minley (near Camberley) and details can be found here. As club captain I put together the teams which will consist of a mix of competitive and social ones.

British Relays. The British Champs are being held in Yorkshire over the early May bank holiday weekend with the relays being held in Middleton Park in Leeds on Mon May 6th. Details can be found here.

SE Relays. These are more informal than the above two and much more of a social occasion. They are being organised by LOK at Addington Hills (near Croydon) on Sun 12th May. No details published as yet.

YBT Heat. Our event at Tilgate on March 3rd will incorporate the regional heat of the Yvette Baker junior inter-club competition. Only juniors that are available to run for SO at this event should sign up here. Seniors should enter via Fabian4 in due course.

Neil Crickmore