Solo events with MapRunF

Last Updated: Sat 25 Apr 2020

While individuals are still encouraged to go out and exercise alone (or with close family members) I am setting up some events that can be done solo using a smartphone's GPS capability. If you want to participate in this you will need to download the MapRunF App from the usual places. See instructions below on how to use the App. Please also read the following advice on behaving responsibly when participating in these activities. Two hints: 1) Best to download the event at home or where there is a good phone signal 2) Sometime you need to loiter at a control site for some seconds for the GPS to pick up the fact that you are there.

Having installed MapRunF you need to enter some basic details and then navigate to the Select Event tab - find the UK folder and then the Sussex one. In there you will find a list of available runs. Although a map will come up on the screen this is not really accurate enough for navigation purposes so you should download and print the proper map from the links given here.

When you are ready to start click on "Go to start". Assuming that you have a GPS signal the timer will start when you get within a few metres of the start triangle.

More details on using MapRun can be found at: