List of SOGL eventsRecently added: Crowlink and Wolstonbury

Last Updated: Sun 28 Mar 2021

Below is a list of events in the newly set up SOGL (pronounced soggle) league. They are designed to be run using the MapRun software although any GPS recording device can be used and a .gpx file uploaded later. See the accompanying news item for more detail. A final league table will be published for all runs completed by May 17th.

Although a map will be downloaded onto your phone or watch these may not be particularly accurate and so you are recommended to download and print off the map using the links below.

Note that all of the following courses have been risk assessed and unless otherwise stated found to comply with this risk assessment. Any course-specific hazards identified will be listed against that course.

SOGL1 Tilgate (planner Tim Hulley) - park in Tilgate Park - Link to Results

SOGL2 Chailey (planner Di Turner) - park in one of the public car parks - Link to Results

SOGL3 Devil's Dyke (planner Mike Turner) - park at the Dyke - Link to Results

SOGL4 Hurst Meadows (planner Neil Crickmore) - park at Fairfield Rec - Link to Results

SOGL5 Brighton GPS Course 2 (planner Neil Crickmore) - Link to Results

SOGL6 Newtimber (planner Tim Hulley) - Link to Results

SOGL7 Crowlink (planner Einar Solgaard) - park in NT car park - Link to Results

SOGL8 Wolstonbury (planner Jonny Crickmore) - park in Pyecombe - Link to Results