SO has five new Southern Champions

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Last Updated: Sun 13 Mar 2022

Congratulations to Emma Chapman (W10), Scarlet Heap (W18), Chris Hooker (M60), Di Turner (W70) and Roger Maher (M80) who have now become Champions of the South of England. They all took part in the Southern Long Distance Champs at South Ashdown on 12th Dec 2021.

Many more Southdowners also took 2nd and 3rd place.

2nd place3rd place
Ben Chapman (M12)
Amelia Bartlett (W18)
Troy Southwall (M18)
Anna Chapman (W45)
Sue Crickmore (W55)
Alan Velecky (M55)
Ruth Rhodes (W75)

Tommy Heap (M16)
Penny Marsh (W55)
Mark Chapman (M60)
Patrick Maher (M85)

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