List of available MapRunsRecently added: Sheffield Forest, Danny, Newtimber, Trail Challenge

Last Updated: Sat 30 May 2020

Below is a list of runs that are available using the MapRunF app (see previous news item for further details on how to use this). Some use orienteering maps while others use OS maps of open access land. The government is encouraging us to get out and exercise and have deemed it acceptable to drive short distances to access suitable areas for exercise. When participating in any of these runs please follow our recommended safety advice.

Brighton Parks (courtesy of the Lines family) - all linear courses

Hove Park - start at the cafe - Results

St Anns Well - start by the cafe - Results

Preston Park - start by the northern cafe - Results

Greater Brighton area - all score events

Devil's Dyke - parking near the reservoir - Results

Wolstonbury Hill - parking in Pyecombe then walk up to start/finish - Results

Stanmer Park - parking at south end of park - Results

Southwick Hill - parking under A27 - Results

Moon's Bottom 70 minute score event - parking by Stanmer Church - Results

Newtimber 60 minute score event - parking in Pyecombe - Results

Trail Challenge linear courses - parking in Pyecombe - Results for 10 mile and 6 mile

Crawley and Horsham area - all 60 minute score events

Roosthole - parking in forest car park - Results

Carroty Wood - park in Staplefield then a 1km jog to start/finish - Results

Mid Sussex area - all score events

Chailey 40 minute score event - parking off North Common Road - Results

Sheffield&Wet 60 minute score event - park on Bell Lane - Results

Danny Park 60 minute start anywhere score - park in Hurst/Clayton/New Way Lane - Results