CompassSport Cup Cup

SO at the 2017 CSC final

SO at the 2017 CSC final

Last Updated: Thu 22 Feb 2024

This annual inter-club competition kicks off with a regional heat between SO, SLOW, HH, TVOC and SN at Esher Commons on Feb 18th. Although entries have to be made by the club captain, to facilitate this I have set up a Racesignup page for SO members (note that this is not visible from the Racesignup home page - you have to use this link). I will then transfer entry details from this to the official entry system. Could SO members wishing to represent the club at this event please 'enter' by Wed 31st January.

To be eligible to score for the club you should enter the appropriate course (or run up). The courses nominated for each age class are:

Course 1 (Brown): M21, M35

Course 2 (Short Brown): M20, M40, M45

Course 3 (Blue): W21, W35, W40

Course 4 (Blue): M50, M55

Course 5 (Green): W20, W45, W50, W55

Course 6 (Green): M60, M65

Course 7 (Short Green): W60, W65, M70, M75

Course 8A (Green): M16, M18

Course 8B (Short Green): W16, W18

Course 9A (Orange): M12, M14

Course 9B (Orange): W12, W14

Course 10 (Very Short Green): M80+, W70+

More details can be found at:

Costs are: Seniors £12, Juniors £5. If you don't have a dibber the club will lend you one for this event.

A previous map of the area can be found at: https://www.slow.routegadget.c...

Any queries can be e-mailed to the club captain (Neil Crickmore) at