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Training sessions 2013/14

The SO junior squad will meet for training from 09.30-10.30 on the following dates:

12 October 2013       Rivers Wood
9 November 2013       Sheffield Forest
23 November 2013     Eartham
18 January 2014       Rewell
1 March 2014           W Friston
29 March 2013         Frenchlands Wood?
26 April 2014           The Hyde
24 May 2014           Selhurst

Each training session will prepare juniors to compete in an event on the terrain later in the morning. There will be three groups and juniors should decide beforehand whether they are training to compete on the Yellow, Orange or Green/Blue course. The coaching will take into account the specific terrain and the technical difficulty of the course they are going to tackle.

Posted by Robert Lines on 15th Jul 13




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