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Jonathan Crickmore’s JWOC experience

Our highest ranked SO Junior reports on his week at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in the Czech Republic.

Jonathan writes,

‘At the beginning of June I competed at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Hradec Kralove in Czech Republic. It is a very tough week with 5 races in 6 days with a Long, Middle Qual, Middle Final, Rest day, Sprint and Relay. It was a very exciting JWOC this year as recently orienteering has been trying hard to get in the Olympics so there was a lot of publicity about. This involved wearing GPS units that were held in Sports Bra type vests, which suited the guys very nicely. Then a big first for me was the large number of TV cameras in the forest, following you for whole legs.

‘I struggled in the forest races at the beginning of the week, being physically not able to cope with 660m climb in the long and having technical problems with the hundreds of boulders scattered about the middle area. I knew the sprint race would always be a good race for me with a strong culture of sprint racing in our country. A mixed sprint with the first 5 minutes in a park, followed by technical racing on terraces of a fortified town, where it was key to understand what level the controls were on.

‘When I came through the spectator loop I heard that I had a good time and tried to push on, but unfortunately some small mistakes in the last loop caused me to drop some places. Then I just had to wait and I finished with a 7th place which is a great result and something I would have been happy with before the race, but annoyingly I knew I could have run the time that won the race.

The relay is a special race and however tired you are the adrenalin and pride gives you the energy to make it through. Unfortunately the team didn’t perform as hoped but was still a good race to finish the week.
It’s not all about the racing either there is a lot of time to make a lot of friends from all over the world and many of whom you can meet again at other international competitions.’

Posted by Robert Lines on 23rd Jul 13




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