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How difficult are national events?

Ideally, when our juniors compete at the various national events they will be used to Yellow and Orange courses from SOG events. However, it’s not always the case.

The document at the link below is used by planners at major events:

If you skip to page 19 you can see, as an example, that TD2 (Yellow) courses may include line features other than paths. So, it’s possible that some national level Yellow courses can look more like our Orange level SOGs.

The aim of our coaching and training sessions over the coming months will be train to the more challenging demands of the national competitions so that we don’t come across any surprises when it matters most.

TD3 is Orange, TD4 Light Green and TD5 Green and Blue.

When you get a moment, have a look at the planning guide and check out what skills we will need to develop.



Posted by Robert Lines on 21st Aug 13




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