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A list of orienteering related links. If you think you should be on the list contact us.

Key Links

Southdowns Adventure Running Club
BOF - British Orienteering (Federation)
British Orienteering Clubs Directory
British Orienteering Fixtures List
British Orienteering Ranking List
International Orienteering Federation
(English) South East Orienteering Association - Local Region

Neighbouring Clubs

.....affiliated to the South East Orienteering Association:

DFOK - Dartford Orienteering Klubb
GO - Guildford Orienteers
MV - Mole Valley Orienteering Club
SAXONS - Saxons Orienteering Club
SLOW - South London Orienteers and Wayfarers
SN - Southern Navigators (NB affiliated to both SCOA & SEOA)

.....affiliated to the South Central Orienteering Association:

BAOC - British Army Orienteering Club
SOC - Southampton Orienteering Club
SOFA - Shedfield Orienteering and Footslogging Association


IOF Control descriptions (pdf file, 324 KB)
IOF Control descriptions quiz
IOF Magazine, O-zine, a PDF download
Lyme disease & Tick info
Nopesport - O News & Forum
Attackpoint - web forum for english speaking orienteers round the world.
MapRunner - IOF descriptions summary sheet plus other ‘O’ stuff
OCAD HowTos a full set of flash videos on how to do anything, from OCAD
Orienteering Australia has some good coaching tutorials by David Colls (ex-Australian Junior team member)
Orienteering Foundation is a British charity, independent of British Orienteering, which helps with the development of orienteering.
RouteGadget UK - Route plotting
Tick removal tool
World of O - Orienteering news and comment from round the globe


- active links , but not (apparently) updated.

South East Night League 1987-2008
South East Junior Squad Last updated Dec 2009
Great Britain Deaf Orienteering squad


Compass Point - Retailer
Ultrasport - Retailer
Compass Sport - Magazine
Orienteering Today - International magazine

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