Southdowns Orienteers

Volunteer job descriptions

The club always needs volunteers to help out at events in planning, map sales, meeting and greeting, car parking and control setting and collecting. For an idea of what is required see below.

For more information about when/where we need help and to volunteer, see the Volunteers Website Page.

Map Sales

This is a pleasant job where you get to meet all competitors. You will be sitting inside (usually in a car) and selling the course maps to arrivals. You would be expected to be on site for 9:30 and would usually be finished by 10:45. This job is for two people.

Registration or SI

This is a job for people who are happy with a computer. It involves the registering of competitors as they arrive, which for hired dibbers means entering some information into the database. Once the bulk of the runners have registered, one of the computers will be switched to ‘download’ and you would be required to monitor the two computers and sort out any issues as they happen. The SI software used by the club is very good and user friendly but new users would need to spend an hour or so with an experienced SI user to get to grips with the system. The SI team usually has 3 people during an event, with 2 people “on duty” at any one time. If you are interested in this role please contact Ali Hooper or Les Coles for more information.

Meet and Greet

The Southdowns club likes to have a person on hand to offer assistance and advice if needed to competitors. This could be directing people to the start line, or showing people where to register. Quite often there will be people new to orienteering and the “meeter and greeter” is there to offer help and advice on the basics of orienteering. This job is more suited to experienced club members.  You would be expected to be on site from 09:30 and would usually be finished by 11:00.

Car Parking

Well someone’s got to do it otherwise it would be chaos. This job is obviously, marshalling all the competitor’s cars so that they can all fit in. More often than not, you will be required to collect a car parking fee. You would be expected to be on site from 09:00 and would usually be finished by 10:30. This is usually a job for two people.

Control Setters

These are the people who put the controls out there. Once the planner has set the course, they will go around the course and place markers in the control locations. Sometimes some of the controls can be placed the night before the event, however sometimes this is not possible and so the control setters will required to help the planner early in the morning of the event. You will be given a small section of a map and asked to go and place the controls by the markers. You would be expected to be on site very early but would obviously be finished before 09:30.

Control Collectors

This is a great job where you get to orienteer without the pressure. You will be given a small section of a map and asked to go and collect a set of controls, usually about 5. You maybe required to go out again on your return to collect another set. You would be expected to be on site from 12:30 and would usually be finished by 13:30.

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