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Event Procedure

What to do when you go to an orienteering event.

Event Procedure

What to do when you go to an orienteering event.

Orienteering Event Procedure

What You Need:

Essentials: Yourself(!); Clothes for walking/running round a wood (N.B. full leg cover); Your entry fee and S.I. dibber hire fee.

Preferables: A whistle for summoning help (only in an emergency); Safety pins to attach the control descriptions; Compass.

You May Need (for a very low key event): A pen (preferably red); A clear plastic bag to protect the map. NB most SO events now provide maps with courses already printed on and are printed on waterproof "paper" - check pre-event details.

What You Need to Do: Ask if you need additional help.

1. Choose a suitable course. Yellow is intended for absolute beginners or juniors. A confident beginner would probably be able to manage the orange course, which is mainly intended for junior improvers or inexperienced orienteers who want a not too technical run. Sogaloppens have yellow, orange, green and blue courses, other Colour coded events have a larger range of courses from short and technically easy to long and technically difficult.

2a. Pay at the at the registration car. In exchange for your entry fee you may receive a special orienteering map (if this has been pre-marked with a course you will receive this map at the Start) together with a S.I. dibber and hire form for a dibber if required*, and if you require postal results an envelope (please return this addressed to yourself).

* If you are not members of an orienteering club write IND (short for "independant") next to "CLUB". The class is your gender (M for men and boys or W for women and girls) followed by your orienteering age as shown in this table (for 2015):

2b. Then go to the S.I. dibber 'computer registration' with your completed hire form to register your dibber through a control box for use at this event, here you will receive a control description sheet for the course you are doing.

*Born in Orienteering Age Born in Orienteering Age
1936 - 1940

1941 - 1945

1946 - 1950

1951 - 1955

1956 - 1960

1961 - 1965

1966 - 1970

1971 - 1975

1976 - 1980










1981 - 1994

1995 - 1996

1997 - 1998

1999 - 2000

2001 - 2002

2003 - 2004


after 2006








Your Real Age

If the maps are pre-marked paragraphs 3,4 and 6a are not applicable.

3. You may need to copy map corrections from a map probably near registration or the start, if there are changes to the area since the map was produced. You only need to copy the corrections relevant to your course.

4. When you are ready take your map, compass, red pen and dibber to the Start. Colour coded event start times are sometimes allocated at registration.

5. On the way to the Start there will be a control box on a metal post labeled 'Clear' You must place your dibber in this until there is a beep and a flash, so that it is ready for use (takes about 5 secs). There will also be a 'Check' control at some point before you Start. (This is to ensure that your dibber has been cleared).

6a. You will then need to copy your course from the appropriate Master Map. Carefully copy down the correct course onto your own map. The triangle is the start and the double circle the finish.

6b.For SOGaloppens the start and finish are usually fairly close together. For other events they may be some distance a part. Controls must be visited in the sequence on the control description sheet for most events. Then go to the Start official who will tell you when you can go.

7. You then put your dibber in the Start control and proceed around the course, navigating the course in control order. At each control (marked by a red and white flag) place your dibber in the control if the control does not bleep and flash use the pin punch on the stand and punch the map.

8. When you finish put your dibber in the finish control. Then proceed to download which will be near the 'computer registration'. Report to the download even if you don't complete the course. If you do not have time to complete the course return preferably via the finish to download. The course closing time is usually on the control descriptions. For SOGaloppens it is by default 12.30pm. unless stated otherwise.

9. Most Important: Have a good time and enjoy your orienteering.

10. After the Event. Have a look at the Results on the web Results Page (usually available by the same evening) and look forward to some more orienteering adventures: Look at Southdowns Orienteers Fixtures.

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