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The Elizabeth Brown Memorial Xmas Score Event

Elizabeth Brown joined Southdowns Orienteers soon after the club’s formation in 1977, having been a member of Mole Valley prior to that time.
On Boxing day 1978 Elizabeth founded - with a couple of her Orienteering friends - what was to eventually become the SO Xmas event.
The first event was at Banstead Wood in Surrey, and over the years the format has taken a number of formats, but since 1997 it has settled as a score event.
For many years Elizabeth was the event organiser, and following her passing away in May 2011 it was felt that it would be a fitting tribute to rename the annual Christmas event in her memory.

Tilgate Forest is the venue for the inaugural Elizabeth Brown memorial Xmas score event on Tuesday 27th December 2011.
Tilgate was first used for the Christmas event in 1980.  Elizabeth organised, Steve Jarvis planned.  Elizabeth had also been involved with the mapping of Tilgate in the summer of 1979.

Elizabeth was a top-class Orienteer.  In the early years of SO, Elizabeth was the club’s undisputed star.  She helped put SO on the map.  She regularly won the British Championships and the JK throughout her Orienteering career, and was twice crowned World Champion.  First as a W80, then 10 years later as a W90.

Elizabeth collected a lot of trophies along the way and the club are indebted to Elizabeth’s family for donating a splendid and unique slate W70 trophy from the 1992 JK at Bigland in the Lake District to be presented each year at the “Elizabeth Brown memorial” SO Xmas event. 

In order to allow a good number of people the chance to win the trophy each year, an age-class handicapping system is to be applied to each person’s score.
Only competitors on the main 60 minute score event will be eligible for the trophy.
For those competitors who have scored maximum points within the 60 minutes time limit, their score will be adjusted higher on a pro-rata basis as if they had run for a complete 60 minutes. 
All scores will then be adjusted by the % handicapping applicable to their age class.  The winner of the trophy will be the competitor with the highest adjusted score.

NB: The handicapping is based on British Orienteering age-class speed data, which can be found in appendix B of the rules and guidelines on their website.
Listed below are the current speed rates.  We have adjusted the M/W10 rates as the official speed rates relate to technical difficulty level 2 courses (Yellow standard).

speed rate % handicap Age-class speed rate % handicap Age-class
0.74   160   M10*   0.73   170   W10*
0.70   143   M12   0.62   161   W12
0.80   125   M14   0.65   154   W14
0.84   119   M16   0.67   149   W16
0.90   111   M18   0.70   143   W18
0.92   109   M20   0.71   141   W20
1.00   100   M21   0.82   122   W21
0.92   109   M35   0.71   141   W35
0.89   112   M40   0.69   145   W40
0.86   116   M45   0.67   149   W45
0.82   122   M50   0.63   159   W50
0.77   130   M55   0.58   172   W55
0.70   143   M60   0.53   189   W60
0.64   156   M65   0.48   208   W65
0.57   175   M70   0.42   238   W70
0.50   200   M75   0.35   286   W75

A short prize-giving ceremony will take place as soon as possible after the courses have closed as 12.30 and all competitors have downloaded.
We hope that as many competitors as possible will wish to stay and see the trophy awarded.

Steve Jarvis, December 2011


Posted by Andy Hannaford on 23rd Dec 11

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