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SO at the CompassSport Cup Final

A select few made the trip down to Devon to face storm Brian and the slippery slopes of the Virtuous Lady to finish 10th in this national inter-club competition.

Scorers for SO were:

Neil Crickmore 97
Chris Hooker       95
Carol House       82
Ffion Jones 80
Roger Maher 79
Amelia Bartlett 78
Liam Marsh 76
Andrew Parkinson 75
Barry Jones 70
Paul Luttman 70
Joe House 67
Einar J. Solgaard 66
Susan Crickmore 66
Anna Bartlett 59
Penny Marsh 56
Paul Wilson 53
Susan Parker 52
Mike Turner 45

Full results at:


Posted by Neil Crickmore on 23rd Oct 17

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