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CompassSport Cup Final - Sun 22nd Oct

SO have once again qualified for the CSC final this year - which will take place in Devon in October. The club has decided not to take a coach this year since it too far to do comfortably in a day, and as it will be the start of half term week many are planning on going down for a long weekend (or more) to get in some cream teas. I have set up a poll for members to indicate their availability for the event (and an accompanying one being held on the Saturday). I need to enter our team by Oct 7th so please complete the form asap.

The CSC event itself is being held near Yelverton
an image of a previous map of the area can be found at

On the day before QO are holding an event at St Audries with a later than usual start window to allow for travelling CSC teams to get there.
A previous map of this area can be found at:

Any member available to compete for SO at the CSC should complete the doodle poll at:

I am not planning on coordinating accommodation for the Saturday night (although there are reasonable options such as Holiday Inn Express in Exeter) - but if anyone has any suggestions for somewhere that multiple club members could stay please pass that information on.


Posted by Neil Crickmore on 30th Sep 17

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