Kent Junior Championships - Sun 17th June, Sevenoaks
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Hi Southdowners,

Saxons are hosting the 2nd Kent Junior Championsips on Sunday 17th June at Combe Bank School, Sevenoaks. This is a junior only event in a small “safe” area (no members of the public, small and difficult to get too lost) with helpers wondering through the grounds. It is an ideal place for inexperienced juniors to try their first event without shadowing, or to try a harder colour than normal. See Residency of Kent not required to win the competitions.

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The first of the Southdowns Orienteers Summer Sprint series is at Lancing Manor on the same day.

Starts for the Lancing Manor event will be 09:45 - 11:00.
Full details (from SO website): Here

Starts for the SAXONS Combe Bank School event are 11:00 - noon.
Details (from the SAXONS website): Here.

64 minutes (54 miles) via A27, A23, M23, M25 between the two events according to Google Maps!

NB. Anna and I had our wedding at Combe Bank School (with an orienteering theme!) and thought about the possibility of a short simple course in the grounds. It turned out that we were rather busy planning the other aspects of the day so didn’t pursue the idea!.
It should be a nice setting for the junior event that SAXONS are staging.

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I actually taught at Combe Bank School for about 10 years.  It is, as Pete says, a beautiful setting and the building is Grade 1 listed.  Whilst I was there, I helped with the D of E training and Les mapped the grounds to use for navigation training with the girls.  Many happy times were had there.