Your Club Needs You!

Volunteer to help at events

Planning an event can be a rewarding and interesting experience that will improve your orienteering and help out your club. If you would like to have a go at planning your own event but feel unsure about it, we have a full set of detailed guides and instructions to help you out. We can also match you up with an experienced planner who can guide you through your first event. The Southdowns club has a wealth of planning experience there to help and advise you. Also, all events have a local controller that will make sure everything is ok. So you can’t really go wrong. Why not give it a go?

The club needs more Planners. So if you are an experienced Planner please consider sharing your experience by planning an event with a novice.

If you only want to plan a course but leave the organisation to someone else, this can also be arranged.

The club also always needs volunteers to help out in the other roles:
Map-Sales, Registration (SI), Meeting-and-Greeting, Car-Parking, Control-setting, Control-collection. To find out more about what these jobs entail visit the Volunteer job descriptions page.

This is a great way of getting to know other club members, so if you would like to get involved please contact Will Heap or contact the planner directly.

Current position

              SI Helpers
Date Type Venue Near Planner Organiser Controller In
Help 1 Help 2 Equip
Tue 25
Activity Poynings trail run Saddlescombe Neil Crickmore
Tue 1
Activity West Grinstead trail run West Grinstead John Pittam
Sun 3
Sprint Sussex University SE Sprints Brighton Alan Velecky Will Heap Neil Crickmore Ralph Phillips vacant vacant Ralph Phillips
Sat 16
SOG (D) 1 Stanmer Stanmer Lucy Jepson and Matt Ralph Phillips Paul Wilson vacant Mike Ralph
Sat 23
SOG (D) 2 Lancing Ring Lancing Ralph Phillips Mike Ralph vacant vacant Ralph Phillips
Tue 3
SONiC 1 Brighton North Brighton Robin Wilson
Sat 7
SOG (D) 3 Great Walstead Haywards Heath Patrick Windsor Brown Ralph Phillips vacant Bridget Hooper vacant
Sun 15
District (C) Devils Dyke Brighton, uk Ralph Phillips VACANT Neil Crickmore vacant vacant vacant Ralph Phillips
Sat 28
SOG (D) 4 Friston Central Eastbourne Robert Lines Ralph Phillips Paul Wilson vacant vacant
Thu 2
SONiC/KNC 2 Kidbrooke Park Forest Row Jill Blount
Sat 18
SOG (D) 5 Slindon Slindon Ralph Phillips vacant vacant vacant vacant
Sat 2
SOG (D) 6 Borde Hill Haywards Heath VACANT vacant Paul Wilson Bridget Hooper Ralph Phillips
Sat 16
Urban Brighton City Race Brighton Neil Crickmore Ralph Phillips vacant vacant Ralph Phillips
Wed 27
Score NE Rewell Xmas Score Arundel VACANT VACANT VACANT Ralph Phillips vacant vacant vacant
Thu 4
SONiC/KNC 3 Tilgate and Maidenbower Crawley VACANT
Sat 6
SOG (D) 7 Hesworth TBC Pulborough VACANT
Sat 20
SOG (D) 8 Millenium Wood TBC Haywards Heath Les Hooper
Sat 27
SOG (D) 9 Friston Central Eastbourne VACANT