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Hunt the twitten run, 23rd Jan 18

Near: Uckfield
Type: Evening
Location: Grid ref. TQ472213.
Latitude: 50.972083
Longitude: 0.095452
Google Map (aerial)
Bing Map (OS)
These offer hi-resolution aerial photographs and directions.
Directions: Parking by the Luxford Day Centre at the end of Library Way TQ472213 / TN22 1AR
Public Transport:
Map: 1:10000 Open Orienteering Map
Terrain: Streets, parks and urban footpaths
Course info: Ahead of the KNC event here in March the purpose of tonight's activity will be to check out the accuracy of the map, in particularly looking for unmapped alleys or ones on the map that don't exist.
Registration: From 7:15
Online Entry:
Start: 7:30
Fees: Free!
Planner: Neil Crickmore

Last updated by Neil Crickmore on 13th Jan 18

SPORTident (SI) electronic punching is normally used at all events. Dibbers are available for hire at registration for £1.

Answerphone: 07526-792817 for any changes or in the event of adverse weather

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